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Archive of Class Updates

Lab #7 › Deciphering Physical Books
Austen, Chesnutt, and Price › Format
Gender and Printing in the Nineteenth Century › The Victoria Press
Lab #6 › Pulling the Press
Werner, Franklin, and Melville › The Labor of Print
Lab #5 › Planning to Print
The Journeys of Maps
Thinking with the Codex
Lab 4: Thinking with the Codex
Documentation and Preservation in (and of) the Codex
Lab #4 › Thinking with the Codex
Fragmentation - Survival of Ancient Texts
Inter-Millennial Scribes
Reflection on Simulating the Scriptorium
The Samguk Sagi: A Comprehensive History of Korea
Megan Lab3
Lab 3 - Simulating the Scriptorium
Lab #3
Aesop's Fables - Morality Through History
Lost in Translation
Lab 3 - Simulating the Scriptorium
The History of The Epic of Gilgamesh
Simulating the Scriptorium - Beowulf
Funerary Texts in Egypt and Rome
Field Book #3
Text throughout the centuries
Lab 2
Visible Language Lab 2
Visible Language
Megan Lab2
Textual Relationships in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Lab 2 - Field Book
Visible Language
Lab #2
Lab 2
Fatato Lab2
Art as Communication
Lab 2 Visible Language
Mark(ing It All)Down
LAB #2
Lab 2 MFA
An Elixir Not of Memory, But of Reminding: Texts of the Ancient World
Lab #3 › Simulating the Scriptorium
Visible Language
Jason Toro Mccue Lab2
McLuhan, Liu, and Markdown
Writing is Visible Language
Comparing ancient texts
First Markdown Assignment
Lab #2
Co-Adaptation: The Evolution of Writing and the Shaping of Society
Rabinowicz Lab1
Lab 1
Understanding Textual Structure with Markdown
Lab 1: Understanding Textual Structures with Markdown
Lab #2 › Visible Language
Lab 1
Visible Language in Giza and Assos
Markdown as a Medium
McLuhan, Liu, and Markdown: a Reflection
Writing in Code
Lab 1: An Introduction to Markdown
affordances and limitations › Writing in Markdown
McLuhan and Liu
Lab 1
McLuhan and Liu Reflection
Gleick and Butler › Speech Sounds and Information
Lab 1 Title
Media Messages
McLuhan, Liu, and MarkDown
Lab 1 - Field Book
The meaning of media
Lab #1
Field Book #1
Understanding McLuhan and Liu › Media Messages
Lab 1
Lab #1 › Understanding Textual Structure with Markdown
The Scriptorium
Lab #1
Mark(ing It All)Down
thinking about books as media › Romancing the Book
Field Book #4