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Course Description and Objectives

In ToT we will study the long history of new media, asking how technologies should shape our understanding of texts and the people who write, read, and interpret them. Many debates that seem unique to the twenty-first century—over privacy, intellectual property, information overload, and textual authority—are but new iterations of familiar battles in the histories of technology, new media, and literature…

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Technologies of Text is an experiential, lab-based course. Students complete a wide range of assignments from setting type on a letterpress printer to coding a literary bot in the R programming language (& much more in between)…

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Course Policies

Location: Barrs Room (472 Holmes Hall)
Teacher: Ryan Cordell (email)
Cordell Office: 415 Nightingale
Cordell Office Hours: Thursday 10am-noon, Friday 11:30am-12:30pm, and by appointment

Section 1: Tuesday-Friday 9:50-11:30am
Practicum Student: Bill Quinn
Section 2: Tuesday-Friday 1:35-3:15
Practicum Student: David Medina

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Station Eleven, Day 1

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