Creative Commons licensed photograph, "Underwood," by Flickr user Canned Muffins

Getting Ready for Next Week

Poetry Bot Prep

There are a few things you can do to prepare for next week’s poetry bot lab and ensure we can get started in short order. You’ll need to create a few accounts from which we’ll either be drawing or to which we’ll be adding data:

  • Sign up for a Wordnik account and then sign up for a Wordnik API Key. Wordnik is an open-source dictionary from which we will be drawing words to fill in our mad libs.
  • If you want to post to Twitter, you will need to create a new Twitter account for your bot. Think about what kind of bot you want to make and then sign up. Be sure to add a mobile number to the account, as we’ll need that for one the steps later on.
  • While signed into your new account, visit Twitter’s Application Management site. You will want to Create New App. Fill out the required fields and then click Create Your Twitter Application. Then click on the name of your new app, navigate to Settings, and set your app’s Callback URL should be set to Then navigate to Permissions, select Read and Write, and save settings. We’ll be getting some essential information from the Keys and Access Tokens menu during our Twitterbot lab.